Global Executive Resources is a pioneer in assessment-based executive team and organizational development. For over 12 years, Global has been providing professional services that help business leaders create lasting change that becomes the foundation for more productive workplaces and improved results. Whether the focus is on enhancing skills, improving performance, developing leaders and teams, or changing the corporate culture, Global has the right mix of business, psychological, and organization development expertise to assist in making it happen. Our belief is that tending to the people side of business is the key to reinventing the future of your organization.


Founded in San Francisco in 1997, Global Executive Resources maintains an elite position by its assessment based personal, team and organizational development services. At Global we understand that many of the challenges senior executives face today pertain to how to find talented leaders, how to keep them, and how to develop them in order to meet the demands of today’s dynamic business environment.


Through a caring and scientific approach, promote deep and sustainable change in the moral, emotional, and relational capabilities of executives and senior managers so they can more effectively relate, develop, and motivate others to achieve the high possible attainment of organizational goals.


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